Rim and Rita Elias did what many people dream of – they said goodbye to their corporate jobs to chase their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs in the fast-paced, competitive yet extremely exciting fashion world. They had an idea of creating a new and fresh approach to outerwear fashion, and more specifically fur. And so in Montreal in 2014, Maison Elama was born.

At the core of Maison Elama is a passion for ethical fashion. Quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail is the common thread through their collections.  

“Instead of fast fashion: we chose slow fashion. Our garments would be hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Canada. Every detail, every stitch, every button would be perfect. They would be built with passion, worn with pride and cherished for years.  Craftsmanship, that’s what we dreamed of,” say the dynamic sister duo.

Working with a team that has been in the fur, leather and suede business for over 40 years, Maison Elama employs timeless techniques in design in a new and fashion forward way.

Rim and Rita believe that, “high-fashion shouldn’t be disposable, Elama’s outwear and accessories are meant to be part of your most precious moments, carving a way into your heritage, to be passed on for generations to come.“

Milli looks forward to welcoming Maison Elama as our special guest at our annual Milli Outerwear Event on October 25.