Giorgio Fabiani

Most children are drawn to the smell of freshly baked cookies after school – not Giorgio Fabiani.  His nose followed the scent of Italian leather to a local artisan workshop where he observed the skilled craftsmanship involved in creating beautiful shoes. So inspired by these after-school visits, Fabiani set up his own workshop in his early twenties. From the beginning he was committed to creating a brand that stood for quality, fine craftsmanship and elegance. Using only the finest materials combined with unique design, Fabiani’s creations are now sold globally. 

Ensuring comfort is not jeopardized by design and vice versa. Fabiani mathematically and logically designs his shoes to maximize both while combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with technologically advanced machinery. This season, we are excited to welcome a curated assortment of Giorgio Fabiani’s Fall Collection to both Milli Toronto and Hamilton.

Barbara Agnes

Art meets fashion in Barbara Agnes’ collection of unique silk scarves. With a degree in fashion design and print from Central Saint Martin’s College in London, England, Barbara has combined her talent and passion of illustration and textile design. 

Agnes’ designs are printed on 100% silk in England, and all pieces have a unique finishing touch of a freshwater pearl hand sewn on one corner. During her career, Agnes has been commissioned by fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton to design scarves. Both Milli Toronto and Milli Hamilton have a beautiful assortment of small “twilly” style scarves that can be tied on purse handles, your wrist or around your neck and voluminous scarves mimicking a down scarf, and backed with a complementary coloured wool.  Silk scarves have always been chic but now they are cozy too!