The New Year brings with it an opportunity for experimentation. A fresh start and a refreshed look. We’ve asked Pam Cook, our fabulous Fashion Director how you can update your look for 2019.

Don’t Be Matchy Matchy

Fashion is about experimentation with different fabrics, colours and styles. Try mixing different patterns together. There is nothing more fabulous than a floral blouse under a checked blazer. Although not predictable the patterns can play off each in a new and chic way. Velvet, leather, fur, faux fur, lurex are all great fabrics to mix and match with!

Think Pink

Maybe we’re biased about this colour, but pink is making a comeback, and it’s not just being seen on girly girls.  Pink isn’t what it use to be – dusty rose is now considered part of the neutral palette and should find it’s way into your closet.  Even if your wardrobe encompasses the classic shades: white, navy, grey, black, pink is one of those colours that can really liven up your look. If pink has never been your colour we definitely think you should reconsider!

Stop and Smell The Roses

Winter can be dull, dreary, and depressing, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be. Florals in the winter are quite fabulous. Incorporating a floral item into your look, whether it’s a purse, running shoes, headband (yes they’re back), or belt can brighten your outfit during the winter season.

Dress up your denim

Whether you’re wearing jeans or a denim jacket, accessorizing your denim can take it to a whole new level. Jeans aren’t just for the weekend anymore. Try a heel, an embellished top, a blazer, some fur to make your denim part of your renewed fashion statement. 

Sock It To Them

From the runway to the streets of Paris, Milan and NYC, fashionistas everywhere are wearing socks in a new way. Whether paired with sneakers, ankle boots, or even platforms, people are making sure that their socks are being seen. Wool, sheer mesh, or event fishnet socks should be added to your sock drawer.