Home is where we should feel the most comfortable, the most ourselves, so it can be disheartening when there is a disconnect between who we are and our home decor. We want to help you truly personalize your living quarters by sharing some easy ways to infuse your individual style into the look and feel of your home. By following these simple steps, you can turn a room from ordinary to perfectly you!

Reflect On Your Lifestyle

Take a moment to ponder your life and what you need from your home at the end of the day. Your wardrobe reflects the way you live and so should your home. Are you a busy bee who needs to come home and relax, or is your home the centre of your social circle – the hub of entertainment? Design elements such as softer lines and more practical fabrics will speak to your laid back desires, while stronger lines with standout features and fabrics with a more intense presence will generate excitement. Make the choices that serve your life the best.

What Are Your Style Influences?

Go into your closet and take a good look at your wardrobe! Which designers, celebrities or loved ones have been most influential to your look? Pick one or two of these influencers to inspire the design of your room. Do you gravitate towards the chic lines and sophisticated embellishments of Dorothee Schumacher, or do you love the colours and intricate patterns of Etro? Having clear influence will give your decor choices a distinct perspective and create a unified look and feel throughout the space.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Colour has a close tie to mood, so it is important to think wisely when choosing a colour scheme for your room. Blues, greys and greens can be calming, while reds purples and yellows add more energy to the room. If you generally wear a lot of bright colours, but are looking to give your home a more relaxing feel, you could toy with the idea of using colour as an accent, with walls and furniture remaining more subdued neutrals.

Textures & Patterns

We tend to gravitate towards specific textures and patterns when it comes to textiles. Often there will be repetition visible in your favourite clothing – stripes, a bit of shine, cashmere, blues – what textiles draw you in? Once you have identified what you like best, implement those textures and patterns into your pillows, throws and curtains for an added pop of interest.

Add a Personal Touch

Look through your personal items and identify those that matter most to you. These are the items you will want to put on display throughout your home. With them in mind, you will be able to guide your design choices to be complimentary, rather than take away from the items you cherish. 

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