The soft chime of Ainsley’s alarm goes off at 8 am.  She presses snooze twice.  She removes her eye mask and checks her calendar for the day:
• Personal trainer •  Meeting at the hospital for the gala she is chairing •  Lunch with her art group • Hairdresser • Party for the launch of a new magazine.  Another Busy day.

Her mind races to her closet.  What will she wear tonight?  She can’t wear the same thing she wore to the restaurant opening last week, most of the same people will be there.  And today, the women in her art group are always wearing some interesting accessory or piece of clothing from their latest trip to Paris or London.
At breakfast she reads the paper, scanning the social pages to see who, what and “wear”.  She finds herself photographed at last week’s art opening. She hates the photo, but what can you do? The busy social season is coming up. An event almost every night.

She realizes that she needs to send her husband’s assistant the schedule, hopefully he will attend some of the events with her, and she knows that she will have to attend some of his, rather dry, banking events.  They will be in Palm Beach for the holidays.  Certainly not a break from the social scene, but a slightly different scene.
She remembers that tomorrow she scheduled a photo shoot for the family holiday card.  Now she needs to coordinate her whole family’s outfits! Add that to her to do list – and the day has just begun!