To the majority of style stalkers and fashion fawners, Antonio Marras is best known for his beautifully designed luxury pieces. However, Marras’ artistic eye does not stop at fashion. His talent as an artist goes far beyond his dresses and jackets.

Though Marras has had no technical training in fashion or art, it seems that they have both been his calling from the start. Marras grew up immersed in the fashion industry, as his father owned various boutiques in Alghero, Italy. This is where Marras’ interest and knowledge in the industry first began to develop. It was this hands-on experience and behind the scenes wisdom that gave Marras the opportunity to create his first ever fashion collection in 1987 for an entrepreneur in Rome. Since then, Marras has only continued to amaze and surprise the fashion scene with designs and creative direction under his own name as well as for the French brand, Kenzo.

In 2013, Marras the artist was praised, receiving an honorary degree in Visual Arts from Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. To anyone who has ever worked with or spent time with Marras, this made sense. Often known for sketching and painting no matter where he is — airplanes, interviews, appointments — Marras experiments with whatever media he can get his hands on. From coffee grounds to oils, this is an artist that knows not of boundaries. His talent purely as an artist was introduced to the world even more so in 2016, when Marras was granted his first solo exhibition in Milan’s Triennale Museum. Titled “Antonio Marras: Nulla dies sine linea. Life, diaries and notes of a restless man”, the curators of the exhibition had one rule: no fashion. “Nulla dies sine linea”, a Latin phrase meaning to “not let a day go by without tracing a line”, was truly the perfect nod to Marras’ eternal relationship with art.

Antonio Marras the artist surely shines through Antonio Marras the fashion designer’s brand. Looking at his collections, both past and present, it is not hard to label his pieces as works of art. Marras’ Spring Summer 2018 collection is the perfect example of art brought to life. With gorgeous flower motifs and embellishments, Marras has the power to turn even the most basic jacket into a wearable masterpiece. Antonio Marras is available at Milli and his current collection is just as beautiful as one would imagine it to be — come and see for yourself!