Milli has always traveled around the world to curate the best pieces from the most interesting and unique collections. The newly renovated Milli Hamilton store is a true reflection of the global modernity and eclectic objets that are found while exploring.

Stepping into our new home is like taking a trip to a Parisian cafe, a Moroccan souk, a retro hotel in Miami and a hipster coffee shop in Brooklyn all in one visit. Colours and palettes will change with the season as will the pieces that give Milli Hamilton a uniquely timeless, yet modern update.

And we are bringing the first lifestyle concept store in Hamilton where everything is for sale.Yes EVERYTHING.

Furniture, art, carpets, unique objects and all the curiosities you will discover. Pop in for a visit and take a trip with Milli. And of course we have the perfect clothes to pack for your ‘trip’.

A proud new addition to Milli Hamilton is the double-storey mural on the wall of our parking lot done by local Hamilton artist John Coburn. It’s a perfect Insta-backdrop. Pull in, take a pic and post! Then of course come and visit us in-store too!

We look forward to welcoming you!