During her Spring 2017 runway show, Christian Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri decided to quite literally send a very important message; though, she did not have to say a thing. A plain white t-shirt, which simply read “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS”, did all of the talking for her. Today, women like Chiuri may be paving the way for those who choose to follow; however, this road would not have even existed if it were not for the powerful women who came before them. One of these women was none other than Jean Hough Davey, author of The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker.

In this fun and easy read, Jean recounts her journey to becoming one of the first women in North America to be a licensed stockbroker. During the age of pre-feminism, when the world around her was composed of men and men alone, Jean was determined to make her mark in an industry where she was not yet welcome. From her humble start in the 1960’s to now, Jean has surely accomplished more than she could have hoped. By the age of 73, Jean had become the Vice President and Director of Scotia McLeod, before her much deserved retirement. The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker juxtaposes Jean’s testing professional life with her even more trying personal life, as it explores her emotionally abusive marriage. Though she remained strong on the work front, Jean goes on to explain that even the most powerful women can become weak. Though it seemed that Jean was always being brought down by men, she was always able to pick herself back up. The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker is an incredible memoir, proving just how powerful women can be.

While Jean was making history, she often stopped by Milli to find the perfect outfit to wear while doing so. Dressed head to toe for success, Jean was given even more confidence to take on any challenges that came her way. Be sure to watch your inbox for more information regarding the official launch of Jean Hough Davey’s The Only Woman in the Room: The Making of a Stockbroker, to be held at Milli’s Toronto location on the 23rd of August, where we will celebrate Jean and her inspirational journey. Watch for Jean’s Hamilton book launch at Milli as well, as she is a Hamilton native.

Unlike Jean, not all women have the resources to dress for their professions. In true Milli fashion, we have therefore partnered with the international non-for-profit organization, Dress for Success, for this event. Dress for Success gives women the means, the empowerment, and the tools needed in order to become successful working women, like Jean. By providing them with support and professional attire, not only does Dress for Success prepare women for the working world, but it also prepares them for life.

We look forward to celebrating Jean, Milli, and powerful women alike with you come August 23rd!