Cindy woke up at 5 am on a Saturday to take her son to the hockey arena. She and her husband take turns. In many ways Cindy looks forward to it because it is a fun time to catch up with the other hockey moms.

Cozy and warm clothes are the order of the day, but she still likes to look ‘cool’. The hockey moms are a competitive bunch – in more ways than one!  They compare notes on the trials and tribulations of raising teenage boys, the latest ‘perfect-fit’ jeans, their plans to try a new Fusion restaurant they read about and, unfortunately, the latest friend going through a divorce. They often go out together, and quite a few are part of the same book club. During the week Cindy works part-time at the Hospital. She coordinates the volunteers, and does outreach to recruit new ones. The flexibility allows her to deal with her kids, her husband and run her home.

She enjoys cooking, and her family particularly loves her eggplant parmigiana. Her mother is getting on in years but they still go for tea at the club every Thursday, a civilized tradition they began when she finished university. It’s an escape to the ‘old world’  that still remains after generations of her family being members.