Connie starts her day by reading the Hamilton Spectator.  She likes to keep up on the local news.  She lives down the street from her childhood home and around the corner from her old school.  She is still close with her high-school friends, and they get together often.

She enjoys the relative quiet of Hamilton.  Toronto seems way too busy, loud and overwhelming.  She does visit every now and then, but prefers to stay close to home.
Connie considers herself a smart shopper.  She spends money on good, core, versatile pieces every season.  She’s looking forward to attending the new exhibit at the AGH with her girlfriend today and they are going to grab a bite at The Bread Bar afterwards.

Her daughter is in her final year of her Masters program at McMaster, living at home until she graduates. She thinks her daughter will leave Hamilton once she graduates, but there are some interesting things happening in the city and she is hoping that maybe Hamilton will have enough new energy and excitement to keep her close to home.