Esther has a busy day ahead of her. It’s her granddaughter’s graduation this coming weekend, and she is helping her daughter-in-law with some last-minute details for the party they are hosting for her class. She has come home from Florida to be involved in the celebrations.

She had her outfits planned months earlier, but the weather has changed and she’s thinking she may need to rethink the suit that she was planning to wear to the graduation service at the school. Hopefully her personal shopper can help her figure it out.

She’s finding it increasingly more difficult to find comfortable clothing. She likes dressing in outfits, and knowing exactly which pieces go together. Esther dreads shopping and likes to get it all done seasonally. She has just started to get comfortable with the iPhone that her children and grandchildren bought her for her birthday.

Her husband is slowing down his business and toying with full retirement. She’s hoping that means that they will be able to travel more, spend more time in Florida and take advantage of time with their grandchildren.