The holidays mean different things for different people. For each of us, its our traditions that ultimately make this season so special. Some traditions are passed on from generation to generation and, for some, new traditions make for a joyful time of year.

We’ve asked each member of our Milli team to share their favourite holiday tradition. Perhaps by sharing we can inspire each other to add a little something different to our own this year.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Orly – A tradition I have is blasting Christmas music on the radio with my daughter. We get a kick out of enjoying Christmas carols even though we celebrate Chanukah.  Making latkes is another family tradition. My daughter cannot get enough of my latkes and who can blame her they are the best!

Susan – My favourite holiday tradition is watching my grandkids open up their presents on Christmas Day. It just hypnotizes me watching their faces light up as they experience the joy of Christmas.

Anna – After we put up the Christmas tree my husband and I make cocktails and watch Mean Girls. We love laughing during the Holidays!

Carla –   My favourite holiday tradition is when I get together with my entire family for a beautiful Italian Christmas Eve dinner. One of my favourite parts of the evening is when we all gather around and play bingo! I am also very lucky to have a Scottish tradition where my husbands family comes over on Christmas day for brunch!

Cheryl – A tradition I have is choosing our Christmas ornaments for our tree. I love looking at each one and reminiscing about Christmases of the past. Once I have decorated the tree I love putting on a Christmas movie and singing along to it with my husband.

Rosemary – Our family tradition is going to Drysdale’s Christmas Tree  Farm and cutting down our tree. It is so much fun selecting it!

Pam – I love sitting in front of the TV drinking a glass of wine with my boys, especially my miniature Golden Doodle, Guinness.

Nancy – Baking cookies with my family is one of our holiday traditions. Our Spanish Melon, almond and chocolate cookies are my favourite!

Mina – I love going to my parents to celebrate Chanukah especially because my mom makes the best potato latkes!

Yolanda – The holidays are the best because I get to spend time with my family.

Lucy – The Holidays are about family. The best tradition from Christmas is our Christmas Eve dinner, starting with the first star in the sky. The children are very involved in checking the sky. After fasting all day there is feast with 12 courses/dishes/- many cooked only that day. Also decorating the Christmas tree that day before dinner, going for Midnight Mass, and singing Christmas carols all evening. Just a magical night!

Celeste – Christmas is so special because I get to see almost all my family together!

Rosaria – My favourite tradition is getting together with my family. I love seeing the excitement of the kids waiting to open their gifts, and of course, cooking for my entire family.

Elaini – I love the Holidays especially around Christmas time. One tradition that we love is having the kids open their presents the night before Christmas Day, that way they can sleep!  The next morning, all the kids wake up , and eat a delicious breakfast. Around 2PM we go to my brothers to celebrate his birthday, and where my whole family gets together to celebrate! I cook the whole dinner there myself, I don’t let anyone do anything!!

Rudina – My favourite tradition is exchanging gifts with my family, cooking for my daughters and son-in-law, and this year I have a new grandson to celebrate with! I hope for a healthy and peaceful new year.

Cindy – My tradition each holiday is going to a delicious restaurant for dinner with my family and then heading to my friend’s house to exchange gifts for Secret Santa!

Carl – My favourite tradition each Christmas is going to Church for Midnight Mass.

Patty – Over the years we have moved our large family gathering to a community centre.  We all bring our Christmas cards and put them on the tree….the grandchildren are assigned the task of handing them out to their aunts and uncles.  This helps them to get acquainted with their aunts and uncles and cousins they only see once or twice a year. A small thing at Christmas to help us feel more connected.

Maria – I come from a large family and as our family has grown to include significant others, children, and now children’s significant others, it has been a tradition that no matter what we all make it for Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is a  multi course meatless dinner at my mom’s and each of us brings one $10(or so) gift for White Elephant Gift Exchange played with never opening the gift until the game is over. To see the reaction of some of the younger children when a present is stolen from them or when they have the opportunity to steal is priceless!

Eva – My favourite holiday tradition is going to Midnight Mass and being together with my family around the Christmas tree.

Mark & Ben – We love the holidays as it’s the one time of year everyone is off celebrating with family and loved ones. There is so much cheer in the air as everything winds down for the year and we can take a second to appreciate all that we have. One of our favourite holiday traditions is celebrating Chanukah with Milli’s delicious latkes.

Milli – A favourite holiday tradition of mine is going into my chocolate kitchen. I create delicious desserts for my family and friends. Whether its chocolate truffles or my famous candied walnuts, I always get so much joy seeing them eat the delicious food I make.

Jackie – My favourite tradition is lighting the Chanukah candles with my family. Still till this day, we light in order of youngest to oldest, which means I always get to go first!

Jane – A tradition I started a few years ago is to print actual photos for family and friends. Anyone that knows me knows that I take A LOT of photos. So each year during the holidays I go through my digital photos and select certain ones to print for each person. It’s fun because it then leads to everyone sharing their photos and reminiscing about the year gone by.