Jackie is the fun girl of her group. She experiments with colour – hair, nails, clothes you name it. Her friends are always eager to see what Jackie’s latest look is.

She recently moved to Hamilton with her Art Director fiancé. They met at work in Toronto at the animation company they both joined three years ago. The company has made a bold, pioneering move to Hamilton, converted an old Victorian house into an office and is laying the groundwork to attract more creative types to the city.

Jackie and her fiancé decided to buy a house close by. Prices were more affordable than Toronto, and Jackie has read about the fact that Hamilton is poised for growth, and that investing in Hamilton is a smart move. The new GO train will make the commute back and forth to Toronto to see clients so much easier.

Jackie likes nice things. She spends money on interesting accessories, and likes the thrill of the find. One thing she misses about Toronto is being able to pop into stores to buy an interesting ‘pick-me-up’. She likes to shop this way.  A piece here and there. Whatever catches her colourful and creative eye.