Since their openings, Milli Gould’s stores have contributed to the fashion scenes in their respective Hamilton and Toronto. One of Milli’s fundamental philosophies, to give back to the community, goes beyond fashion. Her zealous work in education, health, and children and women’s issues; has spanned over five decades and has made a difference in the lives of many.

It’s for this reason that we are making community building an even more integral part of Milli Limited. Each quarter, every member of Team Milli in Hamilton and Toronto will spend one day giving back to the community at the charity of their choice. We will be sure to share some highlights with you along the way as we get to know these charities on a deeper level.

Our community involvement and support is what makes Milli more than just a store.
Join us in seeing how you can be a positive light in the community, and taking action.

Team Milli