As the first snowflakes start to fall, we begin to plan our escape to warmer climes. Whether for the season, a week or two or even a few days, following these packing tips will make sure that your clothes arrive as ready to enjoy your vacation as you do! 

1. Save your Dry-Cleaning Bags
Don’t throw away the hanging plastic bags that you get from the dry cleaner, and while you’re at it keep the sweater and shirt bags too!  Try packing your wrinkle prone clothes separately in the plastic.  Did you know that wrinkles are caused by the friction of rubbing fabric? So, by placing a layer of plastic between your clothes, it reduces the friction, and voila!—no wrinkles.

2. Tissue Paper for Silks and Delicates
Silk and delicates are always tricky to pack.  Fold them using tissue paper (just like we do when wrapping your clothes in our pink shopping bags!) Then place the folded item in the above mentioned sweater or plastic shirt bag or in a packing cube.  Packing cubes help you stay organized while travelling.  By compartmentalizing your clothes inside your luggage packing cubes help to maximize space. Travel & Leisure recommends these.

3. Roll, Don’t Fold, T-Shirts and Leggings
T-shirts and other casual, soft, cottony items stay fresh when they aren’t able to flop around in your suitcase. Place a shirt face down on a bed or table, fold the sleeves back to form a rectangle, fold again lengthwise, and roll it up tight. Place rolled tees and leggings side-by-side in your suitcase or inside a packing cube.

4. ZipLoc Bags
ZipLoc bags are invaluable when travelling.  Buy the snack size for packing necklaces individually to prevent them from tangling.  The slightly larger size to pack toiletries in to prevent leaks and spillage.  And you can even use the gallon size ones to pack your undies – that way if your bags get opened by security no one will be rifling through your underwear! Keep important medications and toiletries in a ZipLoc in your carry on or purse.  Speaking of your carry on – always take an extra outfit, bathing suit etc  if you are checking your bags just in case your luggage takes longer to reach your destination than you do! Oh my!

5. Maximize space
Socks, scarves, and other soft accessories are great for packing in between clothes.  Reclaim some extra space by packing socks inside your shoes, which should then be packed in shoe bags or plastic bags to keep your clothes clean.  Bonus tip: tuck a dryer sheet into your shoes to keep everything smelling fresh!

6. Obvious tip: Don’t overpack!
Some ways to avoid this: Lay things out first, Pack by outfit. Base your wardrobe on a colour scheme – neutrals, black, etc. And don’t forget you can always ask one of the Milli Style experts for help with your packing selection!