There is a new wave of restaurant on the rise! – Today, more and more of us are turning to plant-based, gluten-free and/or environmentally sustainable diets. Whether you have chosen to go pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free, it can at times be difficult to find the right restaurant to support your lifestyle and dietary needs. Of course, if these changes to your eating habits were not by choice, but by necessity,  it can be even more difficult to eat out, as there is no room for cheating a little cheese onto your pasta or letting it slide that your food was made in a kitchen containing gluten. No need to worry! Here is our list of the top specialty restaurants in Toronto and Hamilton, that will serve up the finest dining for your needs. ( Always discuss your dietary needs & allergies with your server before ordering!)




From brunch to dinner and dessert, Planta is a breath of fresh air for the vegan diner. With a focus on plant-based foods that promote environmental sustainability, the incredible Chef David Lee will treat you to innovative cuisine that satisfies all your senses! The gorgeous design aesthetics of the setting will only add to your overall experience, making Planta one of our very top choices in Toronto for vegan and gluten-free dining.

Sorelle & Co.

If you are strictly gluten-free, vegan, or just a total foodie, Sorelle & Co is a must-visit restaurant and bakery with three lovely locations in the Toronto area. Elegantly decorated cakes and baked goods will wow you, while the ingenious entrees will simply blow you away! Drawing inspiration from a variety of cultural cuisines, there really is something for everyone.

George Restaurant

Executive Chef Lorenzo Loseto’s sheer talent and understanding of food makes George Restaurant a Toronto destination for those seeking a fine dining experience. Although not defined as a vegetarian restaurant, the special vegetarian menu allows the veggie-lover to enjoy dishes a la carte or by tasting menu.


Self described as an eclectic plant-based dining collective, the great chefs of Awai use seasonal Canadian produce to concoct a scrumptious menu with influence from their respective culinary pasts. The ever changing array of dishes will give you a taste of the finer things and keep you coming back for repeat visits to try the newest delight!

We also wanted to share with you, some special restaurants and cafes from the Toronto area that may not be specifically known for their specialty menus, but still offer great options for the vegan and gluten-free diners!


Grasshopper has vegetarian cuisine with a hip Toronto vibe.

Mary Be Kitchen

Mary Be Kitchen serves fresh, health-conscious food for the veggie-lover.

Arepa Café

Arepa Café offers Venezuelan food with some great vegan & gluten-free options.

Hello 123

Hello 123 is an innovative vegan dining experience, making all your favourite dishes plant-based.


Rosalinda gives you vegan, Mexican cuisine, because even vegans love tacos!


Hibiscus provides Vegetarian, gluten-free dining, also known for their vegan ice cream!




Green Bar

Do you want to sit and stay a while, or grab-and-go? Either way, Green Bar has got you covered! Completely vegan with many gluten-free options, you can find everything from smoothies to a hearty rice bowl with fresh vegetables and a light treat to finish. Even the children can enjoy some vegan/gluten-free “Mac N’ Chz” at this family friendly eatery.

Lettuce Love (Burlington)

If you are in need of an energy boost, and a place to take the family, look no further than Lettuce Love! With a strong focus on keeping you healthy and happy, this vegan and gluten-free restaurant wants to bring you fresh and nutritious dishes that will keep your body fueled and ready to take on the day.


A total trailblazer, Pokeh was the very first poke bar in Canada. If you love options, get ready to look through the twenty different toppings and many bowl combinations on offer. The best part is that you can easily make your meal vegan and/or gluten-free!


Ordering the right meal for your needs is made easy at Democracy with their symbol system. Open up the menu and find each meal marked to let you know whether it is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or comes with a gluten-free option. To take it one step further, you will also be shown which meals contain nuts – now we call that allergy friendly!

Here are some more great spots in the Hamilton area that offer delicious vegan and gluten-free items on their menu!

The Diplomat

The Diplomat offers diverse dishes, with inspiration from street scenes and markets, with some delicious vegetarian options.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe (Burlington)

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe has baked goods for those of us who are vegan, gluten-free and peanut-free, with a sweet tooth!

Vegebitez (Oakville)

Vegebitez is a 100% vegan and gluten-free eatery for the family.

Coven Plant-Based Marketplace

Coven Plant-Based Marketplace – your local marketplace for the vegan shopper.

Boon Burger Cafe (Burlington)

Boon Burger Cafe serves sustainable, unprocessed, plant-based menu for the body and the soul!