Spring is almost upon us and that means the Milli Spring 2019 Trend Report is here! We’ve asked our Fashion Director, Pam Cook, to point us in the right direction for the upcoming season. According to the fashionista herself, the runways were filled with neutrals, bright colours, long blazers, black, prints, and washed denim. Read all about the hottest runway looks below…we guarantee you’ll be walking the runway, we mean, the streets looking chic and fabulous this season!


From sand to tan and cream to khaki, neutrals dominated the catwalk. Despite that this light pallette can seem “boring” to some, neutrals can actually provide a sleek and complete look. The shade allows you to experiment with your wardrobe by mixing different tones and fabrications together such as silk, leather, or even linen. Neutrals can be the anchor of your outfits – try bouncing bright colours or pastels off the colour so it’s not tonal from head to toe.

Fabiana Filippi and Peserico both do neutral better than neutral does neutral. The Italian designers incorporate delicious cotton and cashmere into their spring lineups, making their collection the perfect pieces for this trend.


Hello yellow!  From different shades of neutrals to different shades of yellows like marigold and butter this spring is going to be sunnier than ever… guaranteed! New York fashion insiders noted that yellow is the 2019 colour to beat; not only gracing the runways but also seen on the streets outside the notable skyscrapers. Adding yellow to your looks, whether it be a dress or a handbag will have you turning heads at any event. Designers that will have you all mellowed and yellowed out? Dries Van Noten, Rochas and Paule Ka!



Fashion over comfort is so last season! Relaxed suits and loose blouses are here to stay and are absolutely dominating the streets of New York and Paris. A messy undone shirt and pant combo is very chic, cool and encompasses a “girl boss” aesthetic. We’ve seen time and time again that past fashion trends have been revived on the runways and some may say that this look screams the 90s! However, this is the jacked up 90s style trend that offers a more polished look. The extended proportions and long jackets provide depth and variation to your outfits. Mastering this style are the designers Maire Saint Pierre and Sly 010. Maire Saint Pierre’s loose black culottes paired with a long vest or a Sly 010 long pastel blouse with silk trousers are the perfect additions to your wardrobe this season.


When you think of spring colours black doesn’t necessarily come to mind. When we wear black we usually pair our looks with a pop of colour but the fashion gods are urging us to go head-to-toe black. Despite being monochromatic, the all-black looks are hardly boring! Victoria Beckham, Akris and Rochas all play with the colour by using different fabrications and textures. 


A python boot paired with a leopard print slip dress, zebra mules paired with a graphic tee, or a floral skirt with a stripe top… sounds a bit crazy but crazy is where its at and we’re loving this trend!  Make sure not to shy away from bold pattern this season by mixing and matching different prints and graphics. Erdem, No21, Antonio Marras and MPD Box are your go to designers when it comes to getting wild. Anything goes with this one. Think: logos, digital graphics, kaleidoscopic, and kitschy.


Denim is a staple in our closets. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall it’s the only article of clothing that we can never let go of. This season the runways have seen a huge come back of the 80s acid wash jean and tie-dye trend. Have fun this season with upgrading the classic denim to different washes. New to Milli is Maurizio Massimino. This Italian designer plays with denim in various ways, whether it’s colour or mixing fabric together such as brocade or even silk, his pieces are fabulous and always make a statement!