It wasn’t so long ago that we were all anticipating with a little trepidation Y2K. Would the world blow up, would our technology spontaneously combust, and would we all get used to writing a two at the beginning of the year on our cheques?  

It’s incredible to think that was 20 years ago. So much has changed – the rise of the internet, social media including Instagram & Facebook, and the iPhone with its interactive platforms connecting us all. Fashion trends seen on the street are seen in the palms of our hands almost instantly. Anyone has the power to become a style icon or internet star.  

We are oversaturated with content – ideas for how to wear the latest trends, cook our food, enhance our environments at home, where to travel, eat, and keep us all in search of the perfect Instagram moment.  If its not on Instagram, did it really happen?

Let take a walk down fashion/memory lane for a look at the Top trends from 2010-2019 from Instagram.  The trends that defined the decade and perhaps will be the trends in the decades to come that get reimagined and reinterpreted.


Before this decade leggings, sweatshirts and running shoes were saved for the gym, long-haul travel and comfort around home. Now, athleisure is not only accepted, you will find elements of athleisure in almost all designer’s collections.  

This season we had sweatshirts from Dries Van Noten, leggings from Stella McCartney and runners from Adidas. Cambio pants with athletic stripes down the side, zip up cashmere hoodies from Repeat Cashmere and Luisa Cerano kept us sporty and in style at the same time.


Micro Bags
Puppies, babies, mini hamburgers —everything is cuter when its smaller, even handbags.  Women across the globe have traded in their carry-all bags for the micro bag and the belt bag.  Smaller versions of the classics have forced women to carry less – a lipstick, credit card, phone and keys are the bare necessities, and basically the only things that will fit in these bags.  This season the micro Boyy bag and the belt bags from Nancy Gonzalez have rounded out this trend.


Slogan Ts and hoodies entered the luxury goods universe this decade. Virgil Abloh and Demna Gvasalia led the charge with Off-White and Vetements. The trend filtered down into even some of the more classic brands. At Milli we saw this influence with Dorothee Schumacher, Zadig & Voltaire, Moschino and even Lanvin.


Brand Collaborations
Two is often better than one – and when you marry two forces in the fashion industry you are destined for success. The advent of fashion collaborations started in the early 2000s with H&M  and some of the world’s top fashion designers. Their first collaboration was with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004. Adidas by Stella McCartney combines her great design with the tried-and-true functionality of the brand.


Return of the ’90s
Trends are cyclical. They come and they go, and then they come back again often in a slightly refined and more edited form. At the time, the ’90s didn’t seem to have a defined style – yet in the rearview mirror so many of the trends of the past decades have this influence. Bright colours, high waisted jeans, more prominent shoulders all made their appearance on the street, on the runway and at Milli.  








Utilitarian Fashion
Fashion meets function in this trend. Drawing inspiration from bygone decades, the army pant, jackets with multiple pockets, drawstrings, hoods, zip out vests, weather proofing  and practicality lead the way. From Brunello Cucinelli with cashmere cargo pants to Harvey Faircloth’s reimagined army jacket, utility meets fashion forward style. 


Ethical and Sustainable Fashion
Global warming is real. Most people in their own way are making changes to their lives to do their part to help the environment.  Whether it be ditching the straw, stepping away from Fast Fashion or looking for materials and brands that are produced ethically – we can all make a difference.  From numerous collections with faux fur designs to Stella McCartney’s Adidas collection we are engaging with brands that are integrating ethical fabrics and processes in their efforts to bringing sustainable fashion to our everyday, stylish lives.