With a strong eye for creating beautiful images and an even stronger personality, Style Group’s Derrick Van Der Kolk is an artist and the camera is his brush of choice. To those who know him, Derrick is so much more than a photographer — he is an artistic director, a set designer, a stylist, a capturer of time.

For Derrick it seems that, rather than picking photography, the art of the lens picked him! Growing up with both a father and an uncle in the industry, it wasn’t long before he too discovered taking pictures was what he was meant to do. With no set plans after arriving home from the Canadian Military, Derrick’s father gave him a Nikon F2 film camera and told him to shoot what interested him. Derrick followed these simple instructions without thinking anything of it and, once he was finished, returned the camera to his father. Months later, the phone rang with news that would change Derrick’s life forever — he had been accepted to Sheridan College’s Applied Photography program! As it turned out, Derrick’s father’s “assignment” had not just been for fun. He had used the photos that Derrick shot to submit an application on behalf of his son!

Since his early beginnings, Derrick has successfully started his own business, Style Group. Offering both photography and videography for events ranging from weddings to headshots, it seems that Derrick does it all — and he does! With many impressive projects under his belt including Martha Stewart Living, The LCBO, and House & Home, we at Milli feel so fortunate to be able to work with Derrick on our seasonal fashion shoots, Mother’s Day events and more!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our latest photoshoot with Derrick, showcasing some of Milli’s favourite Spring/Summer 2018 pieces. Take a look below!

And last but not least, a beautiful moment between Milli and her two dogs, captured by Derrick at our Milli Mother’s Day Event!