Victoria wakes up at 4 am.  She still hasn’t gotten over the jetlag from her recent trip to Europe.  She tagged along on her husband’s business trip to London and Geneva.  Victoria is enjoying the freedom now that both of her kids are out of the house.  She’s spending less time at home and more time traveling.

She and her husband are looking at buying a place in Palm Springs to escape to in the long, dark, winter months.  He can work remotely, and she will make sure that any philanthropic obligations she makes works within their schedule.

Victoria finds that her daughters have rubbed off on her, and she is enjoying dressing more casually.  Pieces rather than outfits.  She has even grown to embrace the concept of high/low and the value in investing in great pieces and accessories. Victoria and her daughters often go shopping together and love when they can do so in the same store.

She still needs unique formal pieces as she is a regular on the circuit of charitable functions, and her daughters are now starting to attend some too.  They find it challenging to find young styles of dresses.

She is good about cleaning her closet at the end of each season, and really likes to have fresh pieces.  She’s picking up some interesting items on her travels, but mostly likes to get her shopping done at home.