Wendy wakes up at 6 am to catch her favourite spinning class.  After a good sweat she runs across the street, grabs her cold-pressed juice and races home to shower, change, and make sure that her teenage daughter is getting ready for school, the money is on the counter for the dog walker, and the grocery list is ready for her housekeeper.
Wendy’s Husband drives her to the subway so she can get downtown without the hassle of traffic and parking.  Today She is wearing a simple dress with a tailored blazer on top,  accessorized with a bold necklace and a scarf. It is a perfect combination of professional, classic with a touch of fashion forward personality.

She has a full day of meetings ahead, two impending trials to prepare for and a charity cocktail party straight after work that she must attend.  She’s home by 8pm.  Catches up with her husband and daughter.  Settles in on the sofa to catch the latest episode of Downton Abbey that she PVR’d. After that she surfs the web while looking for ideas for the trip to Costa Rica thats she’s planning for her family.  A little adventure, some relaxation and experience of a new culture.
This weekend she is looking forward to seeing her old high school friends –  They are going to the new hot restaurant in town.  Before bed she reads a chapter of her book for book club – she’s close to finishing – but book club is tomorrow!